What you need to know about tuition costs

Unlike in Canada, tuition costs in the US are offset by scholarships. Niagara University is committed to affordability and as such offers a variety of scholarships. All Canadian students who complete their high school studies in Canada and plan on entering into a four-year degree program at Niagara University, are eligible for Merit Scholarships.

As Canadian students are not required to take either the ACT or the SAT, Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on their high school grades. Niagara University offers four tiers of Merit: The Trustee, President, and Dean scholarships and the NU Grant (See Chart below).

What you should know about Merit Awards

At Niagara University, merit awards are for the duration of the program not just for the first year. That means that if a student receives a $19,000 USD merit award, it is awarded for four years for a total value of $76,000 USD.

Once the merit has been awarded, students only need to maintain satisfactory progress in the program (i.e., a minimum overall QPA of 2.0 which is equal to a grade of C each semester of study) to maintain their scholarship. Last year Niagara University awarded over $45 million USD to scholarships.

Merit awards are deducted directly from the student’s bill.

How Tuition is Calculated

All tuition is calculated in Canadian Dollars using a maximum exchange rate of $1.20. This means additional savings for Canadian students. If the Canadian dollar strengthens and the exchange rate drops below $1.20, you will receive the lower rate.

To estimate your yearly tuition cost apply the following process.

  1. The cost of tuition per year in USD
  2. Deduct the amount of Scholarship/Merit awarded (USD)
  3. Multiply the remainder by $1.20 to arrive at the price in CAD

Niagara University Merit Scholarships – First Year Students

Tier Amount GPA
Trustees Award $19,000 USD Per Year A+ (93%-100%)
President's Award $17,000 USD Per Year A (80%-92%)
Dean's Scholarship $15,000 USD Per Year B (71%-79%)
NU Grants $8,000-$10,000 USD Per Year C (65%-70%)

Scholarships and Tuition Costs for 2018-19

GPA Scholarship (USD) Tuition (USD) Final (Est) Tuition (USD) Final (Est) Tuition (CAD)
A+ (93%-100%) $19,000 $31,700 $12,700 $15,420
A (80%-92%) $17,000 $31,700 $14,700 $17,640
B (71%-79%) $15,000 $31,700 $16,700 $20,040
C (65%-70%) $8,000 - $10,000 $31,700 $21,700-$23,700 $26,040-$28,440

Undergraduate Programs

  • Tuition Per Semester
  • Tuition Per Year
  • Freshman per semester
  • Freshman per year
  • Sophomores per semester
  • Sophomores per year
  • Juniors per semester
  • Juniors per year
  • Seniors per semester
  • Seniors per year

Graduate Programs

  • MBA
  • MBA Online
  • M.S. Finance
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • M.S. Information Security (CIS)
  • Education: Elementary & Secondary
  • Education: Advanced Early Childhood/Special Education; TESOL; STEM; Literacy; School Counselor; School Psychology
  • Education: Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Education: Online
  • Sport Management
  • Challenge Exam Fee restrictions apply
  • MBA Lab Fee CPA Review
  • Education Cohort Programs one-time fee includes registration, parking and comprehensive exam