Transfer Students

Professor and Student in OfficeAll students (including athletes) transferring from an Ontario college that has an articulation agreement with Niagara University will receive the tuition reset currently at an annual rate of $18,600 CAD.

Tuition reset does not require that students attend Niagara University full time. Students who transfer to Niagara University under an articulation agreement and who wish to pursue their degree completion part time are still eligible for the annual tuition rate.

If you are interested in transferring but your college does not have an articulation agreement with Niagara University, or if you do not see a pathway from your current studies to one of our more than 80 undergraduate programs, please contact one of our advisors and he or she will be happy to work with you on developing a personalized plan.

*Please note that the reset rate applies to on-campus undergraduate programs only and does not apply to graduate programs or to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program.