Program Information

Niagara University offers The Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program (SOQP) for Academic Supervisory Officers.

The SOQP is designed to provide opportunities to enhance candidates’ professional knowledge, efficacy, capacities, and leadership resources from a system perspective. Candidates will critically explore effective processes for collaboratively working with a wide range of educators, families, caregivers, trustees, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its affiliates, principal organizations, representatives from Ministries and stakeholders. Candidates will also have an opportunity to reflect on the role of the supervisory officer in relation to policies, legislation, and the regulatory context of publicly funded education (from OCT SOQP guideline, 2017).

The SOQP is comprised of five modules, one of which is a leadership practicum at the system level. Each module is 50 hours in length. Candidates must complete all five modules within five years of starting the first module.

Module 1:        Personal Leadership Perspective

Module 2:        Leadership and Organizational Change

Module 3:        Provincial Leadership Perspective

Module 4:        System Leadership Perspective          

Module 5:        Practicum


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Requirements and Fees

SOQP Eligibility Requirements:

All the following:

  • Teaching qualifications in three or more divisions, one of which must be in the intermediate division
  • At least five (5) years of successful classroom teaching experience after certification by OCT as verified by a board supervisory officer
  • An acceptable master's degree with 30 graduate post-secondary credits or their equivalent, or a doctorate of which the credits or their equivalent were completed in addition to any credits required for initial certification. An official copy of your master's transcript is required when applying.
  • Principal Qualification Program, parts 1 and 2 or equivalent
  • The Confirmation of Teaching Experience Form must be submitted.

For more information, please review the Ontario College of Teachers Act (1996) Regulation 176/10 (revised 2017).

Course Fee:  $710 per module