Niagara’s PQP has been approved by the Ontario College of Teachers. The course is delivered online using the Canvas learning management system.

The coursework is formatted into five modules with assignments and discussions built in to support exploration, research and sharing. 

The PQP includes Part I, Part II, and a Leadership Practicum. Part I and Part II of the program are each 125 hours in length as per OCT requirements.

Leadership Practicum Requirements

A. Leadership Practicum Proposal- PQP I

  • Candidates need to identify a mentor who is a practising principal or vice- principal in the candidate's school. This mentor must be OCT certified and have principal qualifications.
  • The candidate will develop the Leadership Practicum Proposal in collaboration with this mentor.
  • The Leadership Practicum Proposal must be school-based (beyond the classroom) and connected to the Ontario Leadership Framework.
  • The Leadership Practicum Proposal needs to be completed by the end of PQP I;  this proposal needs to be approved by the principal/mentor and the PQP 1 course instructor.
  • The Leadership Practicum proposal is a contract between the candidate, mentor and course instructor for Part I outlining the nature of the inquiry to be undertaken by the candidate.
  • The signed and approved Leadership Proposal must be submitted to the provider for admission into PQP II.

b. Leadership Practicum- PQP II

  • The signed and approved Leadership Proposal developed in PQP I must be submitted to Niagara for admission to the PQP II.
  • This Leadership Proposal must be implemented and completed during the duration of the PQP II.
  • The duration of the Leadership Practicum will be a minimum of 60 hours of which 20 hours could be observation.
  • At the end of PQP II, the Leadership Practicum must be successfully completed, and all required documentation submitted and approved by the instructor for Part II.

Course Description

This course is specifically designed for OCT teachers, teaching in district school boards in Ontario, who may be interested in becoming principals in the province of Ontario.

For those teachers in private schools, the school must teach the Ontario curriculum, and the principal mentor must be OCT certified with principal qualifications.

This course is specifically designed for experienced teachers to develop the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to lead a school’s professional learning community, manage a school facility and work cooperatively with the school community’s stakeholders to build public confidence in Ontario’s education system, support and promote student success, and ensure that equity is implemented throughout the programs and practices in the school.

Candidates in the program will develop their personal and professional capacity related to the practices identified under the five domains from the Ontario Leadership Framework 2013:

  • Setting Directions
  • Relationships and Capacity Building-building relationships and developing people
  • Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices
  • Improving the Instructional Program and
  • Securing Accountability

Part I is an introductory program intended as an introduction to the fundamental aspects of leading and managing a school. Candidates in the program will need to work with an OCT practicing principal in a school teaching the Ontario curriculum to develop a leadership practicum proposal. Summer school principals and summer school leadership proposals are not acceptable.

Part II candidates explore, in more depth, the theoretical and operational aspects of the principalship. Concepts and issues such as leadership and program planning are the focus of Part II. Candidates in the program will need to work with an OCT practising principal in a school teaching the Canadian curriculum to implement their leadership practicum proposal developed in PQP-1.  Candidates will submit their leadership proposal from PQP-I to their instructor in PQP II.

PQP Eligibility (please note):

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that additional qualifications and/or postgraduate courses being used to meet the eligibility prerequisites for admission are acceptable to the Ontario College of Teachers. For detailed information on the PQP admission requirements, please refer to Regulation 184/97 45-51 from the Education Statutes and Regulations of Ontario. 

Candidates can also contact Client Services at the Ontario College of Teachers for clarification or access information at

Eligibility requirements must be met before commencing with each course.

Failure to meet the requirements will result in the course being deemed to be taken for professional development purposes and will not be part of the candidate’s Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

Admission Requirements for PART I PRINCIPAL’S QUALIFICATION:  note that all requirements must be met before applying for the PQP.

  • OCT Certificate of Qualification and Registration
  • a member of good standing with OCT
  • an acceptable postsecondary degree or qualifications that the OCT Registrar considers to be equivalent to such a degree
  • basic qualifications in 3 divisions, one of which must be in the intermediate division
  • minimum of five school years of successful classroom teaching experience in a school providing elementary or secondary education (attested to by the superintendent of schools). Please complete and submit the Proof of Successful Teaching Form.

And one of:

  • two specialist or honour specialist qualifications, or
  • one specialist or honour specialist qualification, and at least half the number of graduate postsecondary credits required to qualify for a master’s degree, or
  • a master’s degree that required completion of at least 30 graduate postsecondary credits or their equivalent, or a doctorate, or
  • at least 30 graduate postsecondary credits (excluding any courses applied toward teacher education program)


  • The graduate credits must have been granted by an institution authorized to grant an acceptable postsecondary degree and have been completed in addition to any credits required for initial certification.
  • For those candidates whose master's and B.Ed. were completed in the same program, they are not qualified to take the PQP under the prerequisite options
  • Candidates applying with a master’s degree or half master’s are required to submit an official transcript of these courses to Niagara for evaluation to determine if the pre-requisites have been met. 


  • OCT Certificate of Qualification and Registration
  • A member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Part I Principal’s Qualification Program
  • Signed and Accepted Leadership Proposal

Assessment and Evaluation

The final evaluation for PQP courses is on a ‘satisfactory,’ ‘unsatisfactory,’ or ‘incomplete’ basis, and assessments are built-in throughout all the assignments to provide timely feedback to assist candidates in maintaining a satisfactory level of learning/work. Please note that a grade of 'incomplete' may only be given for specific circumstances according to Niagara's incomplete grade policy.

Candidates may view their grades through WebAdvisor. If an official transcript is required, candidates may request a transcript.

Course Registration

The registration is online. Registration for the course will be contingent upon: