General Information

Courses are delivered online using Canvas as the learning management system. Pedagogical inquiry/research is a component of the courses.

Candidates are responsible to the course instructor for all activities and assignments throughout the course as evidenced through the course outlines. The AQ and ABQ courses are based on a five-module approach with six tasks per module. In each module, the sixth task is connected to the candidate’s pedagogical inquiry/research project. Candidates are expected to successfully complete all course work by the end of the course session.

As mandated by OCT, all AQ and ABQ courses have been developed with a minimum expectation of 125 hours of course work. The duration of the courses is dependent on the session in which the courses are offered. Fall and Spring courses are approximately 10 weeks in duration. Summer sessions are shorter in duration: please refer to the schedule for the dates.

Please note that with the shorter courses, the workload remains the same, with an increased concentration of hours during the summer weeks needed to complete course work.  Please refer to the schedule section for the duration of each session.

Assessment and Evaluation

The final evaluation in a Niagara University AQ and ABQ course is on a ‘satisfactory,’ ‘unsatisfactory,’ or ‘incomplete’ basis, and assessments are built-in throughout all the assignments to provide timely feedback to assist candidates in maintaining a satisfactory level of learning/work. Please note that a grade of 'incomplete' may only be given for specific circumstances according to Niagara's incomplete grade policy.

Niagara's AQ and ABQ courses are non-credit bearing, and are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers.

Candidates may view their grades through WebAdvisor. If an official transcript is required, candidates may request the transcript. Please indicate that the transcript is for AQ or ABQ.

Recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers to Upgrade Existing Candidate Qualifications  

Once a candidate has successfully completed the AQ or ABQ course, and if the candidate meets all of the necessary requirements at that time, Niagara University will make the recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers to include the additional qualification to the candidate's Certificate of Qualification. Niagara will do so at the end of two weeks after the completion of the course session.

It is the candidate's responsibility to read and understand Ontario Regulation 176/10 and any other Ontario College of Teacher requirements. In addition, the Ontario College of Teachers may take from 6-8 weeks to process the AQ or ABQ.


  • Any candidate with outstanding fees will not be permitted to register in future sessions
  • Any candidate with outstanding fees will not have his/her course recommended for the appropriate accreditation to the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Any candidate with outstanding certificate of teaching experience form or other pertinent documents will not have his/her course recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers.

Income Tax Receipts

Income tax receipts can be obtained online through myNU.

Withdrawal from Courses and Refund Policy

Withdrawal from a course must be in writing to the Assistant Dean for Ontario Education Programs. The date of the email is considered the day of withdrawal.

Please refer to the refund schedule found on the application form.


The candidate is enrolled in the course upon completion of payment. Candidates will have access to the course on the first day of the session.